Sabrina Webb

VP- Senior Market Manager at Cornerstone Bank

I just recently met Clementine at the Central Mass Conference for Women. She was a keynote speaker. Clementine wowed the room when her inspiration stories, her truths, and her ability to embrace and overcome major life obstacles. Let takeaways I took from her time with us was to embrace Mondays because it’s a new beginning and to embrace the hard and our failures because it’s a gift; an opportunity to learn, and win in the future! Thank you, Clementine, for all you have given us!

Dianne Langford James

East Coast Executive Director the Torch Foundation at The Torch Foundation

Clementine Bihiga is an impactful motivational speaker. Because of her transparency she is able to touch the hearts and minds of those in attendance. In addition, her authenticity and her positive energy permeates throughout the room. Clementine will also leave you with nuggets to support you in your life as well. She is indeed a game changer and a sort after speaker around the world.

Dominique Goyette-Connerty

Marketing Communications Professional & Storyteller

Got the chance to hear from Clementine at the inaugural She’s Local Central Mass Conference for Women! She’s an amazing keynote speaker with lots of energy and it’s so inspiring to hear her perspective on life, despite the many challenges and traumas she’s lived through. She is living proof that there is no such thing as losing, just LEARNING. Her grit, growth, and perseverance are remarkable. Can’t wait to read her book which I bought at the conference! Certainly would recommend her as a motivational speaker for other events in the future, as her lessons weren’t JUST applicable to Central Mass women—they could be valuable to men and women alike.

Sedruola Maruska

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center

Clementine is an engaging and authentic speaker. I had the pleasure of being in her audience at the Central Massachusetts Conference for Women and she blew me away with her story. Afterward she took time to chat and encourage those of us who wanted to speak with her. I highly recommend Clementine as a speaker for any function where inspiration is needed.

Armida Abreu Martinez,

Founder, Divine Growth Coaching

Clementine was a keynote speaker at the Central Mass Conference for women and she was a complete Rockstar!!! Her authentic and heartfelt message touched my heart and inspired me to keep going, to keep believing and to keep serving. Thank you, Clementine, for honoring your truth and shining your light.

Jasmine Jina Ortiz

M.F.A. 🇩🇴🇺🇸, Founder & Principal, CEO, Mission-Driven Real Estate

Clementine is an amazing motivational speaker! We hired her to be one of our Keynote Speakers at the Central Mass Conference for Women. She spoke to an audience of over 300 women this Spring and it was truly inspirational and thrilling to hear her testimony and her words of wisdom for women! I applaud her gift of speaking to others, and I highly recommend her as a Keynote Speaker at your next event!

Margie Breault

People Leader, Changemaker, Public Speaker

I recently attended the ShesLocal Central Massachusetts Conference for Women where Clementine was a keynote speaker. Clementine had a phenomenal and energetic presence as she told her story on the stage. Clementine was dynamic and inspiring, and truly a powerhouse of a human up on that stage. She left the audience, myself included, ready to change our narratives and be apart of the notion that “you never fail”. I highly recommend seeing her speak if you get the chance!

María A. Rodríguez-Suero

GERMINEMOS SOLE PROPRIETOR/ Founder/ Inventor/ Vegan Chef & Educator at GERMINEMOS & Sproutschange

Clementine has an incredibly impactful story that I found myself able to relate to, I was very inspired to meet her at the Central Mass Women’s Conference in April 2022. The way she tells her life events and uses her past experiences to turn into something positive personally touched me. Keep up the amazing work!

Jen Maseda

CEO She’s Local, Inc.

We fell in awe of Clementine Bihiga during the Central Mass Conference for Women. With her energy, her poise, her relatability, and her passion for supporting personal change, she had the crowd waiting for her every word. Clementine has an amazing ability to connect with her audience and stay connected for the duration of her presentation. It was an honor to hear her story of perseverance and determination. On top of the incredible accolades, we received from our audience, Clementine was a true pleasure to work with in creating a lasting experience for our attendees. Pure power and joy!

Jessica Recore,

Director of Business Development at Enhabit Home Health

Clementine has an incredible way of sharing her message with an audience that can captivate, motivate, and uplift everyone in the room. I am so fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with her. I cannot recommend her skills enough and am looking forward to having her at as many of our conferences as possible!

Jeff. M

M, Westerville Blendon Middle School Career Day.

Clementine was our Motivational Presenter for our Westerville Blendon Middle School Career Day. Clementine has an incredible story and message that she shared with our students. Clementine was extremely professional, responded quickly to messages and was very punctual for our event.

Gerald C


Clementine was a captivating speaker. Her story is amazing and so inspiring to all who hear it. I would listen to her speak anytime she is in my area. She has made me rethink my own life and her message has moved me to want to do more.

Carly Polinori

Columbus Preparatory Academy.

Our school had the privilege of having Clementine Bihiga come to our school to talk about her life experiences before and after the Rwandan genocide. It was such an amazing and humbling experience to have her speak to us. Her words were beautifully spoken, the presentation was impactful, and she kept all the students engaged. At the end we could have taken another hour for her to ask questions. I am so grateful to have made the connection to have her come to our school. This is an experience that will resonate with our kids forever and they will be forever grateful. We have had many presentations and speakers come to our school, but we have never had one like this where the students were present and were still talking about it the following Monday. The kids said how funny, inspiring, beautiful, and easy to listen to she was. They said she was the best speaker we have ever had, and I must agree. It was truly such a phenomenal experience, and we are so very grateful. She touched our hearts and our lives forever, and that day is something we will never forget.



We brought in Clementine to be our opening Keynote for HOBY Ohio South. She started our seminar with an energy and tone we had never seen before leading to countless lives changed amongst our ambassadors. But instead of me telling you that lives were changed, here are some direct quotes from some of our ambassadors about Clementine. “She really made me take a step back and look at the big picture of everything…” “she inspired me to never take anything for granted. She also showed me that it is okay not to fit in all the time, and that being different is not always a bad thing.” “I think what she had to say is very relevant to me and she was the first speaker, so she gave me a good overall look at what a leader is and how to be one” “Most of the time, I want to listen to others opinions of myself and change who I am to make them like me. Clementine’s activity helped me understand that I can be myself, and that i don’t have to listen to all of the negative things in life.” “I had never seen a speaker that looked like me. I didn’t believe the existed, until I saw Clementine.”

Stefany Bushey

Metrowest Conference for Women Board Member at She’s Local

I had the pleasure of hearing Miss Bihiga share her inspirational experiences at a women’s conference. I won’t spoil the beauty in her talks because I hope that someday you too are blessed to hear the wisdom she has learned. She shines bright and undoubtedly commands a room humbly. She spoke with grace and spirit about perseverance and resilience, qualities she can firmly say she excels at. Don’t take my word for it though, listen to her story, read her book, or donate to the charitable cause she started after the loss of her daughter. You will be impacted in some way shape or form depending on where you are individually in being ready to reflect on the lessons you can learn.

Maegen McCaffrey

Vice President of Communications at RCAP Solutions, Inc.

Clementine was the key note speaker at our recent President’s appreciation dinner, where the members of the RCAP team was recognized and congratulated for their important work in the community. We used her tagline “you are a masterpiece” as our theme for the event and it was very well received. Clementine’s unbelievable story and powerful and uplifting presentation about overcoming adversity and focusing on gratitude impacted every person in the room. The attendees continued to compliment Clementine and her inspiring and entertaining presentation long after the event took place.

Freddy Hines

Government Employee

Clementine was very inspirational. Her story was riveting and the strength she draws from her life experience is motivating. I can’t wait to read her book and hear her speak again.

Donald Bahizi

Business Consultant

Clementine is very dedicated to a work ethic emphasizing on delivering quality services, excellent knowledge and skills, strong values. She communicates her success very well through lessons learned from challenges and obstacles. Her journey to success is a genuine and convincing example to all who want to turn failures into remarkable success.