Clarette Refugee Fund

Clarette Refugee Fund is a non-profit 501©3 organization founded by Clementine Bihiga, a former Rwandan refugee, that works with schools around the world to provide quality education, food, uniforms, school supplies and educational scholarships to refugee and poor local students. We have been able to serve students in Kenya, Zambia, Senegal and Rwanda


CLARETTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE (CISE), is Christian leadership school which sponsors poor refugee and local high schools students in Kenya to cover school fees and uniforms in addition to offering leadership development programs for its students.

We strive to help refugees and local students from poor backgrounds get the much needed educational opportunities to better their future despite their situation.


  • At CISE, we believe that Christ is the center of all knowledge and the reference point center of all experiences. Christ is the centerpiece of our curriculum, the only ONE who we will relate everything.
  • We believe that Globally minded Christ-centered education is crucial to shaping our future leaders. Increasingly, our students are global thinkers who seek real-world meaning and application in their schoolwork. Globally minded Christ Centered education opportunities will be offered at CISE are through advancing technology, ministry partnerships, student mission trips, and international student enrollment.
  • Majority of our students and stuff are refugees and immigrants whose families have faced atrocities and other life trials. CISE will be an environment where hope and renewed faith will be found for both our staff and students.

Vision & Mission

All students in Clarette International School of Excellence will attain globally minded quality and competitive education to allow them to gain the necessary tools they need to serve Christ in all areas of their lives.

Clarette International School of Excellence’s Mission is to shape the future of refugee and poor local students by providing globally minded Christ-centered education that inspires them to excel in moral character, academics and servant leadership.


CLARETTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE (CISE) is located in Kabiria, Dagoretti Constituency, Nairobi County in Kenya, Africa with a population of about 152,000 people.


We mainly have students from these countries at CLARETTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE (CISE):

  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • Congo
  • Uganda
  • Kenya


  • After school and skills training programs in courses like computer literacy, mechanics, tailoring, carpentry, etc. to improve probabilities of gaining employment.
  • Christ- Centered Leadership Training Programs
  • Provide scholarships for refugee students whose families are new in the country so they can continue with their education with no interruption
  • Work with organizations, churches and colleges in the USA and KENYA to sponsor top performing students to attend college in the USA ad Kenya
  • Provide access to extracurricular activities, such as sports & dance
  • Provide nutritious meals
  • Health and Wellness Programs


Private and public schools in Kenya generally charge students based on loads of factors like locations, services offerings and extra – curricular activities et al

At CLARETTE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE (CISE) we have conducted research of local schools to get information on costs including tuition and uniforms and have came up with an average that our program would be offering students enrolled into our program.

The average cost of a high school education in Kenya which covers tuition and uniform is $250/year.  Through CISE, our goal is to offer scholarships up to $250/year to students who enroll into our school.  Students who choose to enroll into a high school that costs more than this amount will have to cover the extra cost on their own.

Budgeting for staff and administration cost, including paying 2 staff members, we anticipate $150 in additional cost/per student. This will allow us to pay each stuff member a salary of $350/month therefore raising the amount to sponsor each student to $ 500/yr or $40/month.


Alongside offering unique competitive programs that will make the school attractive to the market, we will employ more strategies including but not limited to the following to increase awareness and enrolment, they are:

  • Print out brochures, flyers, business cards and introductory letters to schools, parents/ household and key stakeholders in Kabiria. They can also be distributed in strategic places like shopping malls, libraries etc.

  • Creating a website and social media pages to boost online outreach
  • Use friends and family of existing students to spread the word
  • Attend relevant educational expos, seminars and business fairs et al
  • Engage direct marketing approach


These figures are for 50 students and 2 staff.

  • Program cost/student: $500- Total: $25,000

    • Lunch
    • School Tuition
    • Uniform
    • Program administration
  • Rent – $600
  • Transportation-$200
  • Water: $100
  • Trash Collection:$50
  • Electricity: $150
  • Medical Insurance for staff: $60each: Total$120
  • Communication (wifi): $240
  • Miscellaneous Cost: $2646
  • Total Cost: $26,460

Some of Our Students!

Fulgence MUGISHA
Patrick URIA
Marie Patience
INGABIRE Valentine

Student Sponsorship

It costs $1600 to sponsor a student for 4 years! This amount includes tuition, uniforms, books, extracurricular activities and lunch

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