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At the age of eight, bullets shot past her head as her mother and youngest siblings piled into a car. Not enough room left for the rest of the family, Clementine and her brothers walked beside the vehicle as bombs exploded beside them. Bodies fell to the ground. Dead. You were lucky if you survived without a wound of some kind. With no time to stop and mourn those you love, the exodus from war-torn Rwanda was a chaotic and terrifying experience especially for a child like Clementine Bihiga.

Clementine wrote Happily Broken; Discovering Happiness through Pain and Suffering, not to preach to people, but to come beside them as a friend who cares—as a friend who has traveled through the fire and come out on the other side. Free. Does she have scars? Of course, but she’s here to tell you that scars can be beautiful. Pain and suffering can be beautiful if embraced with a full heart and genuine faith.

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It’s me clementine.

Clementine was only 8 years old when her family escaped from war-torn Rwanda. As her mother and youngest siblings piled into a car, she and her brothers had to walk beside the packed vehicle while bombs exploded beside them and bullets shot past their heads.

She spent the next 5 years in refugee camps and settlements. Clementine had to grow up quickly and become an adult-like 8-year-old. It is no surprise that at the age of 33, she has accomplished more than many at her age.

In 1999, her and her family were admitted to the USA where Clementine faced challenges of a different sort. Because of her past, many saw her as “different” and was bullied in high school. Where others would have quit and been scared away, she instead used it as motivation.

While in college, she started AFRIKA Club and held positions in several leadership organizations. She interned at the New York State Attorney General’s office, began her speaking journey and was able to travel the nation including doing work with the United Nations as an Agent of Change.

From Refugee Camps to World Stages

Clementine’s life story is one of profound resilience and determination, shaped by the harrowing experiences of escaping war-torn Rwanda at the tender age of 8.

Instead of succumbing to the challenges of a refugee’s life for the next 5 years, she shouldered the responsibilities of an adult-like child.

Her journey didn’t end there; in fact, it was just the beginning. Upon arriving in the USA in 1999, Clementine faced a different set of challenges, dealing with the stigma of being perceived as “different” and enduring bullying in high school. Yet, rather than letting adversity define her, she used it as fuel for her relentless motivation.

Throughout college, Clementine not only founded the AFRIKA Club but also held leadership positions in various organizations. Her internship at the New York State Attorney General’s office and involvement with the United Nations as an Agent of Change showcased her commitment to making a positive impact.

Life dealt Clementine another blow when she tragically lost her daughter, Clarette. Transforming her pain into purpose, she established the Clarette Refugee Fund, dedicated to providing education for youth refugees.

What sets Clementine apart is not just her impressive accomplishments but her unwavering ability to turn adversity into motivation. Her speaking journey, which began in college, has taken her around the world, sharing her story and inspiring countless individuals.

Audiences benefit not only from the captivating narrative of a survivor but from the empowering message that any challenge, no matter how difficult, can lead to life-changing gratitude and growth of character.

Clementine’s energizing personality creates an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who hear her speak.

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