Every year organizations struggle to bounce back from challenges and disruption.
Every year, there are organizations that don’t turn their adversity into massive growth.

Your people don’t just need ordinary resilience.
They need…

AUTHENTIC Resilience.

Meet Dr. Clementine

What is Authentic Resilience?

Authentic Resilience is not merely about enduring challenges; instead, it involves emerging stronger and more genuine from them. Unlike conventional resilience, which typically focuses on bouncing back, Authentic Resilience is about ‘bouncing forward’ to a new level of growth.

From Refugee Camps to World Stages

Clementine not only started the AFRIKA Club in college, but she also held positions of leadership in other groups.

Her internship at the New York State Attorney General’s office and involvement with the United Nations as an Agent of Change demonstrated her dedication to making a difference.

Clementine’s life narrative is one of tremendous perseverance and tenacity, shaped by the horrific memories of fleeing war-torn Rwanda at the age of eight.

Instead of succumbing to the difficulties of a refugee’s existence for the following five years, she assumed the responsibilities of an adult-like child.

Her odyssey did not end there; rather, it was just getting started. Clementine encountered new obstacles when she arrived in the United States in 1999, including dealing with the stigma of being viewed as “different” and dealing with bullying in high school.

Nonetheless, rather than allowing adversity to define her, she used it as fire for her unwavering motivation.

Clementine’s life was handed another blow when she tragically lost her daughter, Clarette. She turned her suffering into purpose by establishing the Clarette Refugee Fund, which is dedicated to providing education to young refugees.

Clementine is distinguished not just by her tremendous achievements, but also by her persistent capacity to turn adversity into motivation.

Her speaking career, which began in college, has brought her all over the world, where she has shared her experience and inspired many people, Audiences benefit not only from a compelling survivor’s story but also from the empowering message that any challenge, no matter how difficult, can lead to life-changing gratitude and character growth.

Clementine’s energizing personality creates an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who hear her speak.


I'm a Doctor

In 2023, the Global International Alliance honored me with an Honorary Doctorate degree in Humanitarianism. This prestigious award is given to leaders who actively promote human welfare around the world, And it was given to me for “exemplary contributions, dedication to humanity, and community service. Isn’t this what we’re all supposed to be doing?


Available in-person and virtually.

Authentic Resilience: Inspiring Lessons from a Rwandan Genocide Survivor

Embark upon a transformative journey with Clementine Bihiga, an accomplished leader and motivational storyteller who survived the Rwandan genocide at age eight. She’ll share how the tragedy that almost killed her led to discovering Authentic Resilience, a deeply-embodied resilience that shines under any circumstances.

Authentic resilience isn’t about forcing a smile or suppressing fears. Instead, it’s about infusing your workplace culture with genuine enthusiasm and fostering an environment where resilience is second nature.

Whether you’re in customer service, sales, leadership, or any role, in today’s world where change is constant, uncertainty is certain, and challenges are inevitable, you must tap into a new kind of resilience, for remarkable results.

In addition to her inspiring stories, Clementine provides a simple, actionable 4-step approach to transform ANY perceived limitation into liberation. She not only teaches this method but shares many ways she has used it: From finding a sustainable way to provide for her family as a child, to mastering five languages, to achieving professional accolades in her adulthood that defy her story. This presentation aligns perfectly with organizations seeking the extraordinary in any season.

Key takeaways:

  • See how cultivating Authentic Resilience can be a driving force for achieving extraordinary results, personally and professionally.
  • Discover a simple, actionable 4-step approach to transform any perceived limitation into an opportunity for growth.
  • Be inspired to foster a workplace culture that doesn’t just bounce back from adversity but bounces forward.

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You have the ability to overcome any obstacle. You have the ability to transform pain and brokenness. You can learn to value every shattered piece of your life so that it can be reassembled, molding you into something new and better.

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