Dr. Clementine Bihiga

John Maxwell Empowerment Speaker, Award Winning Author & Mrs. Ohio Curve’ Globe 2024

It’s never easy to inspire and motivate people, especially in a way that leads directly to positive change, but when Clementine speaks that’s exactly what she accomplishes. Organizations, businesses, churches, and schools around the world have relied on her to reenergize their audiences.

Gifted with an impactful triumvirate that makes people think, feel and act, she’s been described as captivating, evocative, and transformational. Her powerful message shifts listeners’ focus away from what they can do for themselves towards how they can positively impact the people who surround them, both professionally and personally.

Hard to fathom but — although she survived the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 when she was eight years old — today she’s described as, “pure power and joy.” In the same way that Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl felt called to write, Man’s Search for Meaning, Clementine has dedicated her life to showing people how their worst experiences can become the cornerstone of a happy, fulfilling, and purposeful life.

Ironically, the tragedy that almost killed her later unearthed her personal power and today she helps others find theirs. People get stuck. They come to work carrying emotional burdens or coping with physical pain. An organization can create a peaceful physical environment and implement values and vision to shape a positive corporate culture, but they can’t tackle the internal struggles that prevent employees from working at full capacity or cultivating positive relationships.

What’s needed is that ah-ha! moment where people contextualize their challenges in relation to debilitating adversity and realize I can do this! Whether an individual’s adversity is as tragic as fleeing a war-ravaged country or the stress of dealing with a child’s illness, they share the same need to find the inner strength and fortitude to keep moving forward.

Key Takeaways from Clementine’s Seminar

ADVERSITY DIVERSITY: A new angle to DE&I — Many organizations are checking the box when it comes to fulfilling their DEI requirements. What if going beyond checking these boxes and looking at factors that MAKE a person can make an organization stand out? Every single employee goes through adversity. Life lessons are some of the most cost-effective but overlooked training programs for employees. How can organizations use this adversity to their advantage to increase performance, employee morale, engagement and increase their bottom line? This is a game changer that goes beyond sex, age, race, etc.

Audience takeaways:

  • Adversity is the catalyst of learning.
  • Everyone is a Masterpiece
  • Life is a free training manual

Elevate Your Mind, Elevate Your Life —What do you do when employees have lost morale? When are they feeling defeated? No matter how progressive an organization is in terms of shaping a positive culture, it can’t shield people from setbacks. It’s critical not to allow thoughts of defeat or failure to inhibit your potential. When people hear that, despite what Clementine experienced, she directed her thoughts towards a vision of future success, they get that it’s possible to do the same.

Audience Takeaways:

  • The secret to breaking barriers that inhibit success.
  • How to think like a victor
  • How to anticipate and visualize success during adversity

The IMPACT-FULL You! — Former First Lady Michelle Obama often spoke about how success is not about money, but about the difference one makes in peoples’ lives. Clementine’s story demonstrates how one person can be a force of good, influence others and make lasting and impactful changes through positive relationships, effective communication and negotiation skills.

Audience Takeaways:

  • Everyone has influence.
  • Influence is about personal power, not rank or title.
  • Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.

**Seminars are personalized to meet client needs.